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GT-350-R (einvented)

Let’s not mix words. This may be the most exotic, naturally aspirated engine ever created for a car with an MSRP below $100k. How do you live up to a legend? The 289 from the original Mustang GT350 is iconic. Revered.

Does a Turbo 4 Cylinder Belong in a Mustang?

The current landscape of muscle machinery is not crowded with micro motors. Hellcats and SCAT Packs flank one side while fire breathing LSX combos are shoved into just about everything else. Even imports with an eye on the muscle crown are embracing platforms with 6 or more cylinders. So, is a Turbo-4 the right choice […]

Coyote Swapped Fox Body

Take a super clean Fox, dip it in a beautiful coat of pearl, smooth the engine bay, dress up a perfect black interior and you will always capture our attention. Oh, and did we mention the Coyote 5.0 swap?