Used equipment for sale in good shape. This stuff has been sitting for a little while, it could use a scuff and coat of spray paint. This combo was used on a dual purpose cruiser and autocross car. Here’s what you get for $700:

Griggs Tubular K-Member (’79-’93) [MKM 2000 3] RETAIL: $739

Light weight to remove front end weight, Highest strength to weight ratio on the market
Geometry revised to increase:
-Camber range of adjustment
-Ackerman (toe out in turn)
Bumpsteer improvements, Increased header clearance, Ease of engine and accessory maintenance

MM Forward-offset Front Control Arms, 1979-93 Mustang [MMFCA-4,5] RETAIL: $349

– Advanced-geometry, forward-offset control arm.
– Moves front tires forward 1.5″ when installed with MM k-member.
– Moves front tires forward 3/4″ with stock k-member.
– Requires coil-over conversion.
– Removes nearly 40 pounds when combining control arms, k-member, and coil-over conversion.
– Quickens steering response by reducing bushing deflection.

Steering rack, rack bushings are not included in sale.