Yeah, we get it. Your obsessed. You go out of your way to park your ride at the far end of the parking lot – just to be safe – and as you’re walking towards your destination, you give one more glance back at your pride and joy. Ok, maybe two glances.

You love to stare, but you can’t always have your pride and joy with you – until now.

We’ve put together some portraits and original artwork created for other proud gear-heads, and we can create something unique for you too.

GT-350 Racing Stripe

The Mustang GT-350 defined the retail race car segment. The car delivered style and performance that has never met an equal for the price.

$23 American Apparel T-Shirt

Horseplay Auto Shop T-Shirt

This design was created for one of the restoration specialists in our network. Horseplay Auto has been restoring fox-Mustangs and creating beautiful interiors since 1994 – Now they can proudly wear their new logo at all of the regions Mustang Car Shows and events.

$23 American Apparel Mustang T-shirt

1980 Mustang Cobra T-Shirt

The Mustang was available in Cobra trim from 1979-1981. Model years 1980-1981 shared the same exterior features, and all were available with this completely groovy hood decal.

$19 Gildan Standard Weight
$27 American Apparel

24 hours of lemons logo for mustang in miami 2010

Mustang Sally
Pin-Up Girl T-Shirt

This original beauty was painted by South Florida artist Erika Taguchi on the hood of our Mustang for the 24 Hours of Lemons at Palm Beach International Raceway.

$19 Men’s Gildan Standard Weight
$25 Women’s V-Neck

Coyote 5.0 Intake Chest

Wear your pony-car passion like a suit of armor. This fun design creates the illusion of having the intake from the Mustang Coyote engine grafted onto your chest. It’s designed to print on any color shirt – but looks best on gray.

$27 American Apparel