Barn Find: 1985 Mustang LX Coupe

The two most exciting words a car fan can hear: Barn Find.

1985 mustang lx coupe for saleWe’ve all heard the stories of desirable cars tucked away in a corner of a garage, shed or barn – only to be discovered years later in outstanding original condition. It sounds like urban legend. How can these little gems go unnoticed for so long? It happens more often than you’d think, and it’s happened again.

As is often the case with these treasures – this 1985 LX Coupe has a remarkably dull history. The car is original in every way – aside from the oil, spark plugs, fan belt and battery. While no longer serviceable, the original Gatorback tires are still with the car.

1985 was the first year the LX was available with the 5.0 liter engine. It was also the first year that the 5.0 came with a roller valve train making it a true H.O. engine. Automatic cars came with the throttle body fuel injection and only the manual transmission car was carbureted. It is one of 2,284 5.0 coupes built that year and a mere 213 were ordered in Medium Charcoal. The pinstripes were a dealer added option and are hand painted.

1985 mustang lx coupe for sale interiorThis car was special ordered by a gentleman in China Grove, N.C. It is the same color combinations used by the N.C. State Patrol. He had a company-car, so did not drive this Mustang often. In 1991 he put it in his woodshed and forgot about it. He pulled it out of the shed in 2008, rebuilt the carburetor, changed the plugs and put the car up for sale to help finance his daughter’s college education. It had just over 34k miles on it at that time. The second owner saw the car for sale and snapped it up, but never spent any time driving it. The current owner received the car in original condition with a set of old worn Weld wheels and tires. The original wheels and Goodyear Gatorbacks are included in the sale. The car is 100% original with the exception of the battery and carb rebuild. All of the original paperwork comes with the car.


 Body: 9 There are afew small dings from years of storage but the sheet metal is straight, clean and all original

Paint: 8 Some minor fading of the metallics in the original single stage paint – but the paint is all original. There are a few scratches from a CB antenna on the trunk lid (included in the sale) and a few other scratches from years of storage. Finish has been sleaned lightly with a clay bar and still has yet to be waxed.

Drivetrain: 9 All original and untouched. Starts cold on two pumps of the accelerator pedal, idles cold with the choke and settles down corectly when warm. Has a smooth idle at all times. Accelerates and decelerates as from the factory and hauls ass when you hammer it- will scratch a second gear shift any time you want it to. Clutch is firm and engages correctly, no noise from the rear end or vibrations from the drivetrain. Runs like a new car. Could use a thorough cleaning and detailing to make the engine compartment like factory original. Showing a small amount of oil from the rear of the RH valve cover gasket and years of “woodshed dust.”

Chassis: 10 Shocks are still firm, no noise, steering is crisp and precise. Rolls, steers and handles like a new car. No clunks, bumps or noises encountered when going over rought roads and wuiet at speed.

Interior: 9 Carpet has been cleaned well. Has some residual darker area marks from floormat stains, but very unnoticable with mats in place. Car did not come with floor mats from factory. Gauges are beautiful and glow like new. Small 1 inch tear at a seam in the drivers seat bottom that is not noticeable unless you put pressure in the seat. Map pocket on drivers side has had elastic shortened to make it stand tall rather than sag but shows no marks from being shut in the door or other abuse. Dash is mint perfect, no cracks, fading or other issues. All interior plastics are uniform in color and match the interior perfectly. All of the usual issues, like console door, shifter boot etc are beautiful. Seatbelts retract into position quickly when you open the door. Original radio still intact and functioning, information center works as original and HVAC controls are all functional. A/C needs to be recharged from years of non-use. Still R12, not converted.

1985 mustang lx coupe for sale interior1985 mustang lx coupe for sale quarterSPECIFICATIONS:


Engine: 5.0 L (302ci)

Transmission: Borg Warner T5



Exterior: Gray

Interior: Gray Vinyl

Wheels: 10-hole 15×7



Manual windows

Original Goodyear Gatorback tires included

Original fanbelt included

Full documentation



Motorcraft battery, new belt, spark plugs, fan blade (original included and fine) Includes NOS positive and negative battery cables. Includes dealerlocking lug nut package still attached to lug wrench, warranty card, factory paperwork as well as dealer info and the original title. Has everything but the window sticker. Will include original owners contact information.

PRICE: $11,500 The car is no longer for sale.

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